Ascot by Addy

With the “Ascot by Addy” Collection Addy van den Krommenacker was inspired by the annual Ascot races. This event is known as the most famous racing event in the world and is a famous society event due to the dress code, hats and clothing.
The very feminine and romantic Ascot print has pink and light brown watercolor tones and was created in collaboration with the collaboration of illustrator Linda Zoon.

Addy's advise

The pastel key-pieces

the pastel Key pieces are the easy pieces with a soft approach . These item combines very well with the Ascot Collection and you can wear them in every season

The ultimate basic collection

In this collection you find the ultimate key pieces for you wardrobe.

In these times where you work and relax around your house, these are the essential pieces.

A new trenchcoat , a leisure safari jacket and a eco suedine jacket.

The elegant key pieces

In every clothing cupboard you need those easy elegant pieces ,when you have to dress up a bit more than your casual wear. Those items you feel comfortable and on ease without feeling overdressed. Here are some suggestions

Easy wear by Addy van den Krommenacker

In this  time that we stay more at home ,  I present some items to you,
that fits into your daily schedule. The ultimate wardrobe pieces for your wardrobe !

Kaftan Collection

In this time we stay a lot at the house we need elegant lounge wear. I designed a special kaftan collection for this summer. You always look elegant with these Kaftan Key items

Bosch by Addy Heaven Collection

Addy van den Krommenacker was inspired by the painting by Jeroen Bosch “the garden of earthly delights”. He designed 3 themes, Heaven for the romantic woman, Forest for the nature woman and Birth for the mother in the woman. The print has been a signature of his label.Every season he releases new items for this print, like  the new “Heaven”items

 The plisse skirt and the plisse dress.



Out of Africa by Addy

After his trip to Uganda for the Liliane Foundation and the stories of his assistant  Youlty Ismaila Jallow from The Gambia
Addy van den Krommenacker was inspired by Africa. He called his collection “Out of Africa” ​​and we also see
he got inspiration from this famous movie.

Out of Africa favourites

Capri by Addy

It reminds of your trip to Capri, Positano.
It brings back sweet memories. Here are just a few wardrobe key pieces to let you dream away

Glamorous shiny nights

Glamourous  nights

Those special shiny jewels in your wardrobe.

Dresses to dream away.

Dresses for your special night.

Evening Couture dresses

  In 2007 Addy van den Krommenacker made furore abroad with his show at the Alta Moda Roma.
As a child, Addy drew princesses at the kitchen table and later he was allowed to design for princesses.
His evening dresses are his signature and are worn by stars at home and abroad.
Every design can be custom made, for your ultimate party Addy can design a beautiful creation.
On this site are some of the show dresses. These dresses are an inspiration for you to get some ideas
The show dresses you  see are size 36/38 0r S/M .
they also can be made  custom made, but then the price is about 30% higher

Demi Couture

Demi Couture by Addy is a collection that falls between the Ready to Wear and the Couture.
Often only a few pieces of the demi couture dress are made and sometimes it is an exclusive piece.
If the item is not in your size, it can be custom made. Then the price becomes 30% more expensive.

The demi-couture evening collection

Demi Couture Evening Collection is a collection of evening  ready to wear collection dresses  by Addy with a mid range price.

The immaculate black

The new black is back ! And that is a fact! All the new fall wintershow 2021 shows a lot of black. Maybe with all what is happening in 2020, we embrace black more and feel more on easy by the essential black dress

Black & white

The most elegant and all time classic option is black & white. In the Couture World it is the long time favourite of every designer.

I present you for this fall a Ready to wear, Knitwear collection and Home Collection


The romantic feeling of opening grandmother’s closets and seeing a choise of dresses that gives that nostalgic feelin

In this year where we  are all are in the same situation  of wich we thought we would never have to face this world, we all need some bright colours to lighten up our life

Colourfull key-pieces

Colourfull dresses

Comfort Pieces

It is nice if you travel with a light weight luggage .Here are sone of the dresses you might need to have a comfortable trip. The dress are light weights, don’t wrinkle and if you go for dinner or lunch you look elegant and easy.

Here are some of my suggestions